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What is Digital Key?

Digital Key is a small USB device that is fused into print.

What does it do?

When plugged in to a computer it automatically launches a website.
Each key has an individual ID which means you can track and analyse the take-up via the cloud-based platform.

What makes it brilliant?

It offers a personalised physical to digital experience

Each key is unique & plug-in activity can be tracked

Cloud based, back-end system for instant reports & analytics

Print can be personalised with Variable Data

Can be customized in size and shape

Lightweight and ideal for mailings or hand outs

Website landing page can be changed / updated via the cloud CRM

Highly engaging format delivering ROI’s as high as 60% in some campaigns

Modern, innovative and re-usable product

Cost effective

Simple to use


Each Key has it’s own unique code. This allows for bespoke marketing campaigns where each individual can be directed to their own personalised landing page.


Change the URL at anytime for any key – Do you need to send financial reports each quarter? Do you need to send a product catalogue for each season? Now send one campaign and update these remotely with ease.


With a personalised marketing campaign, you can track which individuals inserted the key. It also allows you to view how many times each key was used by the individual and what pages were viewed. This unique ability, gives you a huge advantage if you are to follow up your campaign with a sales meeting or phone call.

  • Product Variety

    Digital Key web-keys can be produced in a variety of formats such as a customised USB shapes, as a classic USB model or fused into print for ultimate cost effectiveness, branding and flexibility in design.

  • Connects from physical to digital

    Digital Keys web-keys directly connect the end user to a website when inserted into a computer. It connects the user from the ‘real’ world to an ‘on-line’ world in a memorable and efficient way.

  • Personalised, Innovative & Engaging

    Digital Key web-keys can be fully personalised at both the ‘physical’ real-world print stage and also the online URL landing page. They use patented technology to launch the website.  Personalising a campaign and achieve significantly higher ROI’s to a standard, non-personalised one.

  • Compatible & Secure

    The Digital Key web-key is Mac & PC compatible and is certified “McAfee Secure”.

  • Track & Analyse

    Each Digital Key web-key has an individual ID, which means the interaction of each device can be tracked,monitored and analysed. Clients can monitor the results in real time through our cloud based Analytics Dashboard throughout the life of the campaign. The Unique ID also enables Batching for A/B testing or Segregated Distribution allowing you to guide the effectiveness of you campaigns region by region or across different messaging/creative/demographics.

  • Innovative & Engaging

    The creative concept for which Digital Keys are designed make them engaging, interactive and unique, which is why ROI’s are significantly increased when Digital Keys are used.

Digital Key comes in variety of shapes and sizes

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Digital Key is a Registered Trademark under license from Fuse Innovation Group Limited who are owners of multiple design registrations.

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