DIGITAL KEY – Microsoft Windows / Mac OSX compatibility

Digital Keys work with both Mac and Windows computers, however, there are some restrictions with Mac OSX that buyers / sellers need to be aware of.

The way Digital Keys work (and webkeys in general), is that they ‘trick’ the Computer into thinking that a keyboard has been plugged in. The ‘keyboard’ (the Digital Key) then commands the computer to open the internet browser and launch the corresponding URL. This is all done by a hard-coded programme stored on the tiny little CPU on the Digital Key.

With Macs, there are two compatibility criteria:

1. That SAFARI is in the Mac OSX dock. If it is not, the website will not launch. The coded request cannot be carried out as the chain is broken. There is no way around this unfortunately. Research shows that this is a very low percentage of machines.

2. Secondly, for the Digital Key to work (successfully launch the URL) the language and keyboard layout is important and we can only set up the Digital Keys to work to one keyboard language layout.

QWERTY keyboard – the most widespread layout in use, and the only one that is not confined to a particular geographical area
AZERTY keyboard – is used in France, Belgium and some African countries
QWERTZ keyboard – in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and much of Central Europe

This is important as when the Digital Key “instructs” the computer to launch the URL, if the Digital Key is configured for QWERTY, but used on an AZERTY keyboard, there will be an incompatibility between the code language and the keyboard layout configuration.
As default, we will programme to QWERTY unless specifically asked.

Digital Keys are fully compatible with Windows Computers around the world (no matter the keyboard language)

To help ensure maximum compatibility, please inform us where your Digital Keys will be distributed to, or, the country / territory where the majority of the keys will be used.

Please contact us if you have any questions on this.

As an additional reminder:

Digital Keys are compatible with:

  • Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 & 8 operating Systems
  • Mac Computers running OSX “10.6.8″ to “10.9″ only providing the “Safari” web browser application is installed on the Mac Computers “Dock”.

Visits Vs Hits explained

A ‘Visit’ is recorded each time a Digital Key is plugged in to a computer. It counts the number of keys that have engaged.
If you produced 5,000 Digital Keys and every recipient plugged in, the number of ‘Visits’ would be 5,000.
NOTE: The number of Visits could never be higher than the number of keys distributed

A ‘Hit’ is the on-going counting every time a Digital Key is plugged in.
For example, if every recipient plugged their keys in TWICE, the the Hit count would be 10,000

With this image

The Power of Webkeys for Marketing Communication

The Power of Webkeys for Marketing Communication

What is a USB Webkey?

A USB Webkey is a small USB device. Unlike a regular USB, it does not have flash memory so it cannot be used as a storage device to store music, movies, photos or documents. However it does have a purpose, and the Webkey’s purpose is to launch a website when plugged into a computer, which it does directly – without clicks or human intervention.

How Webkeys work

Because the USB Webkey does not have any flash memory it is the controller chip of the Webkey (IC chip) that does the work. When connected to a computer the Webkey behaves like a keyboard. The keyboard then instructs your computer to 1) launch your computer’s internet browser and 2) go to your website.

That is not all! There is more to this clever (and patented) technology, as each Webkey is unique… literally unique. Each and every Webkey has an individual code number, meaning if you were to send 50,000 Webkeys into the marketplace, there would be 50,000 individual devices out there working for you like little salespeople. Because of this individuality, each Webkey can be tracked and monitored by the backend marketing platform.

Why should customers consider Webkey marketing products?

Webkeys are proven to have higher ROI and engagement than basic print only marketing material. Standard printed leaflets will typically have a 0.5% – 2% response rate, whereas Webkey ROI’s range averages from 10% to 30% (depending on the effectiveness of the messaging). Many well constructed and highly targeted Webkey campaigns have achieved 85% ROI.

The Webkey can take customers directly from the printed collateral (insert, brochure, flyer, compliment slip), quickly and seamlessly to your online information or website messaging. Whether it is your main website or a micro-site specific to the campaign, they will be taken directly there without having to type in any complicated URLs.

There are many articles and analytics available that explain a buyer’s route to making a purchase decision. In today’s competitive marketplace, where brands and products are fighting for attention, it is more important than ever to deliver memorable marketing that cuts through the competition, bringing the targeted buyer directly to you.

What makes Webkeys so powerful is the engaging way in which they function! You have the safe knowledge that the Webkey will take customers to your website and prevent them finding your competitors’ websites due to the human instinct to search the internet for options.

Webkeys don’t just launch your website. There’s more…

When a Webkey is plugged in (let’s say Webkey number 40,356), the Webkey analytics software picks up the connection and the cloud-based system is updated, gifting you the knowledge that Webkey 40,356 has been used. Every time a Webkey is plugged in the system updates in real time. This provides you a backend marketing platform with the insight to measure, analyse and report on how your Webkey campaign is performing.

Clients have access to a free online analytics dashboard that shows them how many Webkey’s have been plugged in, when they were plugged in, where, and how many times.

Why Webkeys work

Because the Webkey module is embedded into branded print, the recipient should instantly recognise and relate to the printed document. Assuming the message is targeted and relevant (you haven’t sent dog food products and information to a cat owner) and there is a clear call-to-action, with an enticing and captivating ‘hook’, the end recipient will engage with the product and insert the Webkey into their computer to find out more about the product. Or perhaps enter your competition, redeem your voucher, and register their details to get money off (for example).

Webkeys are a modern, engaging, interactive and cost effective solution to get your message directly into the hands of your customers and prospects. It is getting more and more difficult to stand out from competitors and most promotional techniques are over used, so to succeed you need a strong competitive edge. Consumers are subject to around 3000 brand hits a day. They pay attention to 52. They remember just 4. It is imperative to ensure that your message is the one that is noticed and not your competitors.

Marketing using a physical product is the only method that allows you to put an item directly in the hands of your client, offering maximum engagement at home or at the desk without having to fight for attention. It is the way that a Webkey links to your online space that makes the product such a novel and cutting edge marketing tool. Physical-Digital products are a more effective method of communication as they are multi-sensory. There are countless reports available that demonstrate multi-sensory marketing campaigns are more effective than a single channel campaign. In addition, Royal Mail has demonstrated that 35% of recipients responded to Direct Marketing in the last 12 months and 85% of UK adults are happy to receive targeted marketing on a topic of interest.

Improved targeting such as the Webkey format, with relevant information / content / promotions and high personalisation (personalised print and even personalised landing pages) will have a significantly improved ROI.

Please contact the Digital Key sales team at for more information, case studies, pricing or general Webkey advice.

How Digital Keys Deliver Superior Results?

How Digital Keys Deliver Superior Results?

What Is Digital Key?

A small USB Webkey device that is fused into print. When plugged in to a computer it automatically launches your website. It is a physical link to your digital world.


It allows you to communicate with your target audience in an engaging way, that can that can be tracked and analysed via a cloud based backend analytics platform. Each Webkey has a unique ID which means that you can track and provide analytics on each Webkey within a cloud based system, and can even use it to give a personalised experience to the user when they get to the your website.

What Makes It Brilliant?

  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight and ideal for mailings or hand outs
  • Can be customized and personalised
  • Each key is unique and can be tracked
  • Available in a standard range or bespoke design
  • Cloud based, backend system for instant reports and analytics
  • Highly engaging format delivering ROI’s as high as 60% in some campaigns
  • Modern, innovative and reusable
  • Cost effective

Companies involved in Digital Key:

Amstore Innovation Ltd is a production agency specialising in the mass production of innovative products for marketing promotions. Amstore’s Physical-Digital engagement products are attention grabbing communication tools that offer multi-channel solutions and maximum interactivity. All UK sales for Digital Key Webkeys are processed through Amstore Innovation Ltd. Amstore provide the sales and project management support with a client focused, experienced team who ensure all enquiries and orders are managed seamlessly. The Digital Key Webkey technology is licensed to Amstore Innovation by Visible Computing.

Visible Computing Ltd own HID (Human Interface Device) as well as other Webkey patents in the UK and other territories. Visible Computing hosts and manages the technology and systems that support Digital Key, and supply production and strategy services to their global licensed re-sellers.

Product Variety

Amstore Innovation has developed a variety of product options to choose from so there is a solution for every requirement and every budget.

  • Printed card range
  • Standard range
  • Custom moulded range
  • Fusion range


Using the Personalised ID of each Digital Key device, it is possible to give the end user a personalised experience. Working with our team of webmasters, it is possible to pair the Digital Keys that are sent out with the visitors that receive them, so that when the visitor plugs the Digital Key into their computer, the website will recognise them (due to the pairing) and personalise their experience. This could be as simple as the greeting “Hello Harry, it was great to see you at the show last week”…. or “Thank you for taking an interest in our product Sarah.”

Analytics notifications

One further step in the personalisation scenario is where you can download the raw data from the Digital Key analytics dashboard and match the timestamps of the individual Digital Key’s to the names of the people in the database. This means if Harry or Sarah plug in their Digital Key at 10 in the morning, you can generate a report at lunch time and see that they have visited your website. Your sales or customer relations team now know it is a good time to contact Harry or Sarah as their product or service is at the front of their mind.

Possible applications for Digital Key:

  • Access to exclusive content
  • Coupon / Gift redemption
  • Marketing communications
  • Loyalty / Rewards
  • Promotions and Offers
  • Online competitions entry
  • Online video (webinars)
  • Online presentations
  • Invitation linking to RSVP
  • Registration page
  • General online info / Demos
  • Virtual meeting centres
  • Market research / Client feedback survey
  • Engaging data capture

Campaign Support

There is so much more to Digital Key than just taking the user to a website. All the features and capabilities of the Digital Key are simple, efficient and effective for you to use, and we provide all the support and assistance needed to get the best from your Digital Key campaigns.

We can work with you to manage the full Digital Key promotion from helping with the product design to best suit your brand, product or service, as well as the graphic design, manufacturing of the product and even distributing the individual Digital Key units via direct mail.

Please contact the Digital Key sales team at for more information, case studies, pricing or general Webkey advice.

IAB Report - US Internet Ad Revenue Grew

IAB Report: US Internet Ad Revenue Grew To $42.8B In 2013, Overtaking Broadcast TV

Online ad revenue in the United States grew to $42.8 billion in 2013, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Internet Advertising Revenue Report. That’s up 17 percent from 2012, and it means that for the first time, the total is higher than broadcast TV, which was at $40.1 billion.

“The news that interactive has outperformed broadcast television should come as no surprise,” said IAB President and CEO Randall Rothenberg in the report release. “It speaks to the power that digital screens have in reaching and engaging audiences.”

The reason that they keep saying “broadcast TV”, of course, is because online ads still fall well below total TV ad spending.

Breaking things down by ad format, the report says that mobile advertising grew to $7.1 billion, marking its third year of greater-than-100-percent growth (110 percent, in this case). Display ad revenue grew 7 percent to $12.8 billion. Video, which the report counts as part of display, grew 19 percent to $2.8 billion. Search grew 9 percent to $18.4 billion. And int terms of advertiser category, retail advertisers accounted for 21 percent of spending, followed by financial services (13 percent) and automotive (12 percent).

The report also includes the IAB’s numbers for the fourth quarter of 2013, which came in at $12.1 billion total, up 17 percent year-over-year.

The Internet Advertising Revenue Report was prepared for the IAB by PricewaterhouseCoopers. You can read the release summarizing the data here and read the full report here.

Digital-Key Download Section

Digital Key Download section

We have just released a Download section on our Digital Key website. Here you will find lots of interesting and useful Case Studies to demonstrate the power of the product.