Custom Moulded Digital Key

We have developed an extremely cost effective process
for the creation of custom moulded Digital Keys.
This has expanded the possibilities for corporate marketing, promotions and brand awareness.

When packaged with our highly innovative packaging range,
it delivers a memorable and unique offering.

Our custom moulded Digital Keys can be manufactured
in PVC rubber, silicone, metal, wood or ABS plastic
and depending on the look / feel / design of the product,
we will advise you the best options
to suit your budget and lead time.

What is a custom shaped Digital Key?

A Digital Key that is specifically designed and manufactured in a shape that best demonstrates your brand, product or service. It delivers long term advertising opportunities. With its higher perceived value and widespread use, clients keep and re-use them. Because it is manufactured in a custom shape specific for you and you only, it will promote your company and repeatedly remind people of your product or service.

Custom Moulded Digital Key