We have three versions of Digital Key that offer different solutions based on campaign requirements.

Each version has additional features.

Digital Key – Basic

This is a ‘website launch’ only product. Plug the USB into a computer and a website will be launched.

As each USB does not have an individual ID, there is no way to identify the responses fed back to us by each key being plugged in.

Therefore, there is no:

  • Standard analytics service
  • Cloud-Based reporting system

There is a minimum order quantity of 300 units for this product.

This Digital Key option is made-to-order. This is not a stock item.

Digital Key – Standard

This Digital Key version is our most popular reporting solution.

In addition to the ‘website launching’ basic feature, this version also offers:

  • individual unique ID codes hard-coded on each Digital Key (but not visible on the USB module itself)
  • cloud based log-in to the client online dashboard for view analytics & reports

NOTE:  You, the customer will not be able to update the URL for the Digital Keys yourselves. This must be done by us.

The client log-in allows you to see information such as:

  • Number of Visits (Digital Keys that have been plugged in). This number will not be higher than the number of distributed USBs)
  • Number of ‘Hits’ – How many times Digital Keys have been plugged in. This number could potentially be higher than the number of keys distributed:- for example, if 1,000 Digital Keys were distributed and each person plugged in twice, the number of ‘Hits’ would be 2,000
  • First Hit and Last Hit
  • ROI
  • Data Download
  • Timeline
  • Geo-Mapping

We are able to apply a sticker of the individual unique ID codes each Digital Key (for match mailing) for a small additional cost per unit.